Jekyll & Hyde, Complexity Colliding with Simplicity
Published: April 11, 2021
Author: Donald Teel
Topic: Sale

Regulations, not to mention law, have impacted the CRE world. Knowledge can deliver rich dividends to people who can create simplicity our of complexity.

The Dodd-Frank Act has infected the real estate, lending and title industries. My first encounter with Dodd-Frank was in November, 2014 while executing paperwork for a property I sold wherein I carried the financing myself…I was, in effect the bank.

My discoveries demonstrated that investors are allowed one, yes, one transaction annually using seller carry-back financing. While executing the forms, I asked myself, “Why”, why has this been done? Of course, the regulations contained in Dodd-Frank are the product of politicians working with lobbyists in smoke-filled, back rooms someplace in Washington, D.C. Who, if anyone, can decipher the complex regulations being produced by the elite?

This brings me to my point. Real estate transactions have always been, at their core, simple. A sale transaction is simply a payment for a deed. A lease transaction is simple a series of payments for a lease.

Setting aside the simplicity in selling and leasing, complexity demands expertise. For the best CRE representation a client should carefully consider employing a skilled CRE real estate professional, a real estate lawyer, a CPA and the best title and escrow company for the transaction.

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Download the Dodd-Frank Cheat Sheet by Morrison and Foerster.