CPNA Marketing

Do you have a commercial property to sell . CPNA can provide you with marketing services ranging from local, to international. Ask us how? 

The Decision to Sell

Commercial properties are purchased and sold every day, but the decision to sell your property is always an important process.

CPNA can help you manage the decision, and that starts with what we call our Property Performance Analysis (“PPP”). We talk with you, look at your asset, explore the options that fit your specific objective, and then, we develop a model to get your property on the market.

Many factors go into the marketing formula. Some of these you control, as the owner. These include price, time-to-sell, and your reinvest strategy, if applicable. Other factors such as lending, demand, and even zoning can influence decisions.


Choosing a Broker

The most important factor in selling your commercial property is the selection of a qualified Broker.  Some investors believe the biggest firm is the best firm.

We subscribe to the belief that the best company to list your property with is likely to be the one closest to the market where your property is located, and one who has proven experience with properties like yours.

CPNA has an extensive background with all property types, including retail power centers, small neighborhood centers, single tenant buildings, land, industrial, businesses, and even residential income properties.

Getting Started with CPNA

With your input, we will design a plan for the disposition of your property and advise you of options to reinvest your equity in another income-producing property.

We will learn all we can about your property and be committed to using our resources to procure a buyer, a tenant, or in some cases a partner to help you with the creation of additional value.

Typically, our agreement will span a year, giving us the breathing room to allow the market to help determine a final market value. 

Periodic reviews will be part of our process. If we believe new approaches are needed, we will tell you. Market conditions can often necessitate a new course of action that can impact your asset.