Stepping through the Door
Published: April 14, 2021
Author: Donald Teel
Topic: Tenants

Tenants can often feel trapped in a lease location and can find it challenging to step through the door to renew the lease, relocate or re-craft their lease. When a tenant’s lease is set to expire there can be a lot of confusion and concern about how to analyze the situation.

There are some key questions tenant should ask themselves:

  • When should I start reviewing my current lease?
  • What issues can I raise with the Landlord?
  • Do I have to exercise the renewals in my lease?
  • What alternative locations might I consider?
  • Is my lease rate on par with market rates?
  • Can I hire a Broker to help review my lease?
  • Is it possible to negotiate a new lease?
  • Are the right terms included in my lease?

At CPNA we are experts at lease review, site selection, and all aspects of tenant representation.

Reviewing your lease with a qualified Broker is essential to ensuring you lease terms and conditions are up to standard and that your lease rate, improvements, signage, and other issues are adequately addressed.

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